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More Beta Test Information

Please fill out the form if your interested in joining the Piqsure  beta test program. Your benefits, your will receive  discounted rates on the Piqsure technology and the ability to immediately showcase your online images in much higher quality.

More on Piqsure

Piqsure is a new online imaging technology. It enables photographers to display high resolution versions of their images securely on any modern web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari), providing users the ability to quickly and easily see, magnify, interact, move through and explore high-res images in greater detail. The Piqsure technology requires no plugins or apps and is compatible with mobile device touch-based technology.  Now you don’t have to throw away pixels to make your hi-res photos displayable on the web.

Piqsure provides content owners the ability to display each photograph with a persistent watermark, detailed content creator information, photograph description and contact information.

Piqsure key features are

  • High-Resolution Image Viewing
  • Magnify, Interact With and Explore High Resolution Photos
  • Images Protected from Theft
  • Designed for Mobile Devices
  • No plug-ins or Apps Required
  • Persistent Watermark Functionality
  • Content Creator Profile Display
  • IPTC Standard Metadata Functionality
  • Integrated Social Media Sharing
  • Piqsure images not downloadable
  • Images can’t be saved

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